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What we do

At Full Spectrum Landscape we work on every aspect of ponds.   From the construction of new ponds to the maintenance of existing ponds, we ensure that your installments are not only beautiful, but also add real value to your property.

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With over 20 years experience in pond construction and over 11 years in pond maintenance service, we strive to make ponds of the highest quality. Not only in appearance but mechanically sound. By combining an artistic eye with functional mechanics, we pride ourselves in creating ponds and waterfalls that are not only beautiful but also mechanically sound. From site selection and orientation to sound plumbing and mechanics, we take in every consideration to make sure each pond is right for the space.

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A water feature is a living thing. Just like everything else in a landscape it needs maintained to stay healthy and beautiful. With 11 years under the belt, we offer comprehensive pond maintenance for every season. Taking care to address every pond’s unique needs, our maintenance staff takes pride in making your pond look great, leaving you to just relax and enjoy your investment. Get in contact with us to discuss an annual cleaning or year round care.

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Let us help you turn that water feature you may not like into something you will love. In the past 20 years we have remodeled many struggling ponds into beautiful water features. Whether it’s adding a waterfall to an existing pond or updating the pump and plumbing, we’ve done it all! Bringing renewed life to an outdated or failing pond is perhaps one of the greatest services Full Spectrum Landscape offers.